"Multimodal vicarious learning: Dialogic teaching in the class and on the net to improve student feedback"Associate Professor Julian Bondy (School of GSSSP – RMIT),Associate Professor Margaret Jollands (School of CECE – RMIT), Ms Michele Ruyters (School of GSSSP – RMIT), Professor Catherine McDonald (School of GSSSP – RMIT) [To be confimed], Professor Rob Watts (School of GSSSP – RMIT) [To be confimed], External participants:, Dr Catherine Scott (Visiting Fellow, University of Huddersfield), Professor John Hattie (Auckland University), Professor David Boud (UTS), Dr Lawrence Ingwarson (ACER), Professor Dr. Serpil Aytac (Uludag university-Turkey) RMIT University, School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning (GSSSP), 2008-2010 

Julian Bondy & Serpil Aytac ,Job-Satisfaction Levels and Well-being of Prison Staff in Australia,Cross-Cultural and Comparative Study.  School of Global Studies, Social Sciences and Planning Department, RMIT University Project , GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne, Vic 3001-Australia Project No: EC /06 /22 2006.